The HATEFISH, in the second half of the 19th Century, was a renegade super submarine, designed by the brilliant French engineer Emil Zede, (known to his crew as "Captain Z").

M. Zede (whom we will henceforth refer to as Captain Z) created a prototype of an astoundingly advanced submarine warship that first excited and then terrified the leadership of the French Navy. They feared its awesome power to render all current navies obsolete; and they feared Captain Z, whose devotion to science, his own progressive social ideas and his personal moral code came before his loyalty to the Emperor. After a heated exchange between the Captain and the Admiralty, that brought home to them how much power rested in the hands of a man they could not control, the admirals decided Captain Z would have to die.

The admirals were very concerned about the awkward legal situation this whole extra-judicial murder idea put them in, so they thought it best not to share their plans with any other part of the Government, including the Intelligence Services or anyone else with any practical experience or demonstrated competence in assassinating people. The staff flunkies they sent to do the job bungled it badly and very publicly.

Captain Z was alerted to their intentions, and while the admirals focused their energies on saving their careers and finding a scapegoat to take the blame, Captain Z gathered a few loyal followers, boarded his prototype (Le Monstre Marin - The Sea Monster), engaged the mysterious zoo-galvanic-drive and and made his escape, sailing to his new base, an isolated Caribbean island which he had discovered during his early life as a scientific researcher.

Captain Z was determined to take his revenge. In the months following his escape, the Sea Monster struck back against the would-be assassins and others, from France and other nations, who tried to bring him to heel. After several notable sinkings, Captain Z grew weary of the human cost of his vengeance, and decided to move on, but his fearsome reputation stuck.

The Captain's vengeful actions caused the press to dub his submarine "The Hate Fish", a term which the Captain initially disliked but when he saw how his crew seemed to revel in it, warmed to it and decided that his crew should wear that name on their uniforms so that anyone who might see them would know instantly whom they were dealing with.

The crew were proud to wear this badge and proud of who they were: a body of free men and women of all nations, embracing the principles of equality of the races and the sexes, the abolition of slavery, the liberation of the oppressed and the advancement of scientific progress and social justice.

Captain Z became a legendary figure among scientists, progressive social thinkers, free-spirited mariners, and advocates for equal rights for men and women of all races. His supporters, inspired by his principles, formed a world wide clandestine network that provided loyal, talented recruits and timely intelligence of impending threats.

Financed by the salvage of untold sunken treasures, once lost but now easily accessible to submarine technology, Captain Z and his crew cruised the world in pursuit of greater knowledge and greater treasures, seldom seeking a fight; but always victorious when challenged by those who felt that the Captain's bold social and scientific experiment, simply by its existence, was a threat to the great colonial empires of the world.